An award winning social investment company, provides leadership, finance and service support to the group's business divisions with an aim to drive synergies for optimal efficiencies.


A wholly owned subsidiary of Palmetto™, provides affordable solar energy product and services to industrial, commercial and residential customers.  Palmetto Solar develops, finances and operates solar systems for our customers. We aim to lead the market with comprehensive, quality-driven product and service. Solar is a gateway to provide additional cost-saving technology solutions such as energy efficiency and energy storage to our growing customer-base.  Palmetto Solar aims to lead the residential market share through an integrated model with our property division. Through a series of mergers and acquisitions, the company has completed solar projects for over two thousand homeowners and countless commercial and industrial customers.


A wholly owned subsidiary of Palmetto™, is focused on building, purchasing or rehabbing  affordable, energy efficient housing for low-to-middle-income ("LMI") tenants. Palmetto Property upfits eligible properties with energy efficiency and solar energy solutions. Palmetto Property aims to lead the LMI investment housing market share while optimizing assets with energy savings offered by our solar division. The company has completed several fund closings and owns large volumes of single family residential and multifamily residential homes throughout the southeastern, United States of America.


A wholly owned subsidiary of Palmetto™, is the construction and maintenance team for the group’s property and solar activities. Palmetto Asset Management operates as a licensed general contractor and licensed property management division for our assets throughout the United States and Europe. Palmetto Asset Management also provides service to third-party assets.


A wholly owned subsidiary of Palmetto™, provides financial services to the group's activities. Palmetto Capital also provides fund management services for the group's on-balance and off-balance sheet funds. The group relies on the underwriting, analysis and due diligence performed by the capital markets division. Prior to placing the company's own funds into investment strategies, Palmetto Capital provided financial services to large institutions with the aim of driving capital towards a clean energy projects. Today, the group invests its own equity into its strategies, which will enable to company to achieve its broader mission. The company has delivered over $3 billion in clean energy financing since inception.